Cadrezzate V2

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Create Date9 September 2022
Last Updated14 May 2024

Here comes Cadrezzate V2.

Beginner project started from a previous MXB work by @Nico, @Manu252, @SXDesign.
Thank you to everyone from @TDR community which helped me work my way into Unity and Blender.
I'm currently working on a Doc file which could be of help to other newbies whom approach Unity looking for making Drit Tracks so that hopefully in the long run the bois won't have to run after every new modder whom approaches the game :D.

Big credits to the OG creators of the MX assets I've imported from MXB.
Bigger names being Agitato, Giopanda and Ruubs, but proper ones for everyone else <3.

V2: Now ramps work! Thank you Lynds for your review <3

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