Izzy Carter (Mini Rossi) 2022 Ohvale BMB

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Create Date7 January 2023
Last Updated8 January 2023

This is the livery of Izzy Carter, known has Mini Rossi, from her 2022 Ohvale BMB championship. Some logos are missing because i couldn't find it, if i'll get/replicate they, i'll update it.
The skin is compatible with all the ohvale in the game :

  • For the Ohvale 110: YOURSTEAMID-skin-ohvale110-livery
  • For the Ohvale 160: YOURSTEAMID-skin-ohvale160-livery
  • For the Ohvale 190: YOURSTEAMID-skin-ohvale190-livery
  • For the Ohvale 212: YOURSTEAMID-skin-ohvale212-livery

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