Sendville GNCC loop

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Create Date16 May 2023
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Sendville GNCC Motocross Track is an adrenaline-fueled off-road circuit designed to push riders to their limits in the virtual world of TrackdayR. This challenging track combines the thrill of motocross with the technicality of a Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) course, offering a dynamic and exhilarating experience for virtual riders. With its diverse terrain, including rugged trails, steep inclines, and muddy sections, Sendville demands precise control, strategic line selection, and skillful maneuvering. Strap on your virtual helmet, brace yourself for high-speed action, and prepare to conquer the formidable obstacles of Sendvillea GNCC Motocross Track in TrackdayR.


  • Andrew Lawrence

    This is absolutely the coolest track ever. It is extremely challenging, without being over the top difficult, It reminds me of a 2000 acre motorcycle trails venue I used to ride at abut 10 yrs ago. Ahh the memories…….BTW. I suggest one chooses the 450 if you wish to conquer some of the more difficult terrain.
    Bravo, d1straction

  • Mario Vilas

    This track is amazing 🙂
    Any plans to make more like this one?
    Also in mind for some enduro skins?
    The Enduro Hill in game is also amazing. I really like this kind of stuff.
    Keep the good work and hope to see more fantastic tracks like this one 🙂

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