SPONGEBOB BIKE SKIN (450 – 4 stroke)

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File Size1.95 MB
Create Date26 December 2022
Last Updated27 December 2022

Have you ever wanted to ride spongebob????

Well if you do, you've found the right bike skin!! With this mod you can ride on spongebob and become the fastest rider in bikini bottom.

Get the spongebob helmet to match the bike: https://trackdayr-mods.com/download/spongebob-helmet/



Just simply click on the big button that says "DOWNLOAD".

Once its downloaded place the folder in: C:UsersYourPCnameDocumentsTrackdayRskins

After that copy your steam-ID and then rename the file and put your steam id in the x's place.

An example how it should look like is like this: "76561198855079727-skin-dirtbike4t-livery.jpg"

If you need some more help, then join the trackdayr discord. Theres alot of kind people that can help you there 🙂 

TRACKDAYR DISCORD: https://discord.com/invite/trackdayr-videogame-509013688066244608


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